Rules of The FA WPL


Ever tried playing a game of football without a referee?
It's difficult, right...?

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Become a Referee

Thinking of becoming a referee?

  • Refereeing is a great way to be involved in football
  • There are opportunities for everyone
  • Remain active in the game following injury or retirement
  • Make new and lasting friends within the game
  • Play a huge role in ensuring the players enjoy their match day experience
FA Grassroots Referees

Development & Courses

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For more information please feel free to get in contact with Mark Smith on 01234 5678923 or email us.

A helping Hand

RefereeingĀ Support

Our referees are recruited, trained and examined to enable a smooth grassroots operation.  As they gain experience further opportunities are provided to aid their development and progression.  Appointments are made to adult and youth County Cup ties, together with games in certain FA competitions.